Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am in love.

With my husband.

But also with this:

my momma made it. Got it for my wedding/birthday.

- under thirty... but not by much

An Email From Maral

Hi Ladies,

I sent you (very late) wedding gift cards via email from Macy's. Will you both please confirm that you received it? There was a little back and forth and confusion between me and Macy's so I just want to be sure.



Got it! You're TOO kind!


Okay, phew! Sorry, I wasn't emailing you to be like, "Jessi, thank me!" not that I wouldn't send such an email because I absolutely would but this specifically was not THAT email. Now please update your blog. =)

My estimated thank you note return time is 14 months, based on my current pace