Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Date: day after thanksgiving
Guests: my family, his family and the puppies
Roast turkey a'la mommy
Horseradish potatoes gratin
Roasted fall vegetables with vinegrette
Green beans with shallot and toasted bread crumbs
Cheesy poufs
Yummy leek and Swiss chard tart
Other things with too much cheese
Brie with cranberry relish

Wearing the latex glove should make this even funner!
The whole Banks clan is journeying up here Thursday for a feast on Friday! Even grandma, who is 94, and uncle hal are coming! So excited. Also hoping for hostess gift. Too much? Sorry.

-under thirty

Monday, November 23, 2009

Things that are hard to do with only nine fingers

Type this blog.
Shower. (the latex glove doesn't exactly lend itself to pleasant shampooing)
Hair product application.
Logging in to work computer. Typing in general
Opening splenda packet for coffee
Pickin up the puppy without stabbing her. Check out this precious video though:

-under thirty

Sunday, November 22, 2009

All I do is clean. And go to the triage nurse.

So today was a big day. I cut my finger on a lightbulb. Immediately after getting out of the shower. So I was not dressed, bleeding profusely, and trying to keep my doggies out of the glass. And then there were at least four indoor poops today. Fancy just is not getting it yet (trying to be patient... it has only been three weeks. But patience is not a virtue I have)

Back to the lightbulb injury. In my defence, it's this crazy fixture up in my closet where you pull a string and recently the string had to be fixed, but I got it working so today when the light wasn't turning on, post-shower, I thought the bulb was loose. So I went to tighten it... and it broke and then there was bleeding. And hurting. So I went to kaiser (my v supportive husband went with me) and it didn't need stitches but it looks like this:

There are just a billion steri-strips and some adhesive stuff under there. So dramatic. It looks like a sports injury. I could totally be an athlete. Except that tomorrow I have a work meeting. I wonder how I will take minutes?

This is the newest addition to my craft room

Don't be jealous. So far the only thing I've made is a no-sew fleece cape for my neice...that I ended up having to sew to make it stay together. Totally cute though. Make your own! http://rufflesandstuff.blogspot.com/2009/10/tutorial-easy-no-sew-flutter-cape-with.html

Happy almost thanksgiving! I'm making my first big turkey dinner as a wife. It will be a doozie. Stay tuned!!

-under thirty

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another day in puppy paradise

In the midst of new puppy mayhem, my darling husband decided a man cannot live on netflix and The Puppy Show alone ( though she keeps doing adorable things... I'll post a video of Fancy goes through the doggie door! ) and we got some gorg antenna for the tv. I am now proud to say we have 20 channels. For free.

21 if you include The Puppy Show.
I'm also pleased to report that Birdie and Fancy are becomming quite close!

- Posted by Under Thirty, Overstimulated

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Puppy!

We are just dying, she is so precious!
She loves to play!

Fancy is so sweet... I just hope Birdie and Mary Cherry don't freak out (too much)