Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am in love.

With my husband.

But also with this:

my momma made it. Got it for my wedding/birthday.

- under thirty... but not by much

An Email From Maral

Hi Ladies,

I sent you (very late) wedding gift cards via email from Macy's. Will you both please confirm that you received it? There was a little back and forth and confusion between me and Macy's so I just want to be sure.



Got it! You're TOO kind!


Okay, phew! Sorry, I wasn't emailing you to be like, "Jessi, thank me!" not that I wouldn't send such an email because I absolutely would but this specifically was not THAT email. Now please update your blog. =)

My estimated thank you note return time is 14 months, based on my current pace


Monday, February 1, 2010

Someone Made Me Flowers

And soon, they will bloom.

I think it's weird that bulbs grow every year. Creepy kinda.

I wonder who planted them. And if it was the same person who made the enclosure for all the cats in the back yard...

- under thirty

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitchen makeover... Part 1 of ?

This is what our kitchen looks like

That is, until we decided that this window

Should be a door. So now it looks like this

Though, for a minute or so it looked like this

But now it's lovely and the puppies don't tromp though the garage and pee all over the place (when they're not peeing in the kitchen that is)
Today, there will be a little deck/ step off the back. Are you excited? I know Birdie is!!

-under thirty

OCD meets compulsive shopping

Look what I got!

It's a rubba scrubba and swisha from! You can't really tell from this poorly lit photo, but the scrubbie parts are bright purple. and very scrubbie.

I totally wuv them! I can scrub anything. ANYTHING!!! Learn more about it all HERE!

-under thirty

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Solidarity- doggie style.

Birdie just peed on the floor in the hall. The hall I just mopped because she peed in it twice today.

So she went to the garage for a time out.
Fancy sat at the door, as an act of sisterhood. Of solidarity. Of civil puppy rights.

And when I let The Bird back in, fancy hit her in the face.

So much for the cause.

-under thirty

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm having trouble with my sewing machine:

So I can't do anything with this stuff yet:

And that makes me mad.

-under thirty

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Puggle/Bad Puggle

This is the puppy that woke me up at 5:30.

The same puppy tormented this puppy, very noisily, until 7 when I just decided to get up.

Thank goodness for coffee. And my foresight to pick up some last night.

-under thirty, under-rested

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Y'all, math is hard.

I used to be good at math. I used to get good grades and like, a good SAT score. I'm pretty fast with arithmetic (which, for you under twentys, is an old timey word for adding, multiplying, and the like). But I can't seem to stick to a budget.

My multitude of obsessions/ interests does not help. At any given time, I absolutely MUST purchase one or more items to satisfy my urge to:
-cook something tasty
-drink something bubbly
-make something from or or dana-made-it or ... You get the idea.
-purchase something for our upcoming trip to new york. Like a coat. And sweaters. Tights. Legally Blonde tickets.

Did I mention we want to remodel the kitchen and buy a Honda element??? Gahhhhh

-under thirty

Monday, January 18, 2010

I made a blanket. NBD.

I made this.

It's felted wool and super warm. If I knew how to post a link to the tutorial I made it from, I would. But I can't. So just go to and look at Trip Around the Wool from molly's sketchbook.

It was good times.

-under thirty