Monday, August 31, 2009

A Love Letter

My dearest husband sent this to me today:

"This was in my inbox today.....

My dearest Jessica,
We have come to a cross roads over this last turbulent week. I feel that I loved you with all my heart for some time now. We have shared, so much. Days, weeks, laying around gazing in to essentially, everything that is me. We have shared the best and worst of times...from quiet sundays on the couch romantic evenings with all of your attention focused on me and my warm embrace. I cannot just stand here with the thought of you leaving me, I am in limbo. Will I be asked to stay for you or be banished from your household. I wait patiently for your choice. Forever your lover and friend....

To cancel or not to cancel... Is this really such a hard question?

We had a revolutionary thought this weekend (pause for a moment to determine when, exactly, it happened that i became a "we".. but it is fair to say that my husband and i both came up with this solution to our tv "problem" around the same time)

What if we cancelled cable?

We recently (last week) decided we didn't really need to pay $36 for HBO, Showtime and STARZ or whatever it is. I do really miss having those extra pages of channels of my guide... but I also discovered at the same time that I was not that satisfied with the remaining programming. This is not to say that I didn't sit in front of "whatever's on" for hours of mindless entertainment... but with a few exceptions, I wasn't really too excited about what was on... so why should I continue to have cable?

In support of television, here is a list of what I AM excited about that is on tv:
project runway
models of the runway (it's an epidemic!)
real housewives of anywhere
true blood (though i have NO idea what is going on)
top chef
DIY Network

what i am not excited about, but i watch anyway...
wife swap
my antonio
the dish (to cover everything i haven't had a chance to watch)
reruns of 90210
dating in the dark
more to love
real chance of love, season 2
keeping up with the kardashians
do you see the problem??
Don't get me wrong - I LOVE TV. The problem is that I love it, maybe too much, and maybe at the expense of my actual life.

My husband just said to me "i think i just want to ride my bike and take naps in the grass or something" ... and at the risk of sounding like a hippie... it sounds fabulous.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What, like it's hard?

Things I planned to do today:
- level the dirt/ground up stump left in the middle of the lawn from the tree removal
- hose down garage (which my dog uses as a toilet)
- clear weeds from EVERYWHERE
- steam mop inside
- deadhead roses on side yard
- cook dinner

Things I will actually do today:
- hose down garage (but it needs another go, still smells like piss)
- clear weeds from about 10 sq. feet of yard
- pick up poop in back yard
- dig up dirt from about 1/2 of rear yard fence line, and replace with rocks that are along the house.
- go into work (EVEN THOUGH ITS MY KINDA DAY OFF) and fix agenda for next week's meeting, then go over agenda with client.
- go to home depot for double sided tape for quick favor to client, among other crafting supplies and some plants for my sad empty pots
- drink champagne
- throw everything for dinner in the over with olive oil and hope for the best

my grand plans seem to change by the hour. i need a project.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i would willingly die a cheesy-pouf death

i just left a work meeting. it ended around 8:05. my dear husband was at school, so i did what any reasonable under thirty would do on a wednesday evening alone - i stopped at trader joe's for a bottle of under $5 champagne (to replace the nice bottle i really planned to drink) and a box of cheesy-poufs (i believe the trader calls them caramelized onion and feta pastry bites. they are available in the frozen section).

i feel that to really know me, you must understand a few things
- i am lactose-intolerant, but i cannot live without the lactose.
- i drink champagne. the cheap kind.
- the items listed above are on my mind for approx. 85% of the time

and on this wednesday evening, even a call from my new husband, saying he was at my FAVORITE fro you spot (again, with the lactose) could not distract me from my cheesy-poufs and champagne.

this was no ordinary bottle of champagne. my delightful coworkers gave me a gift bottle of champagne as a wedding gift (and a Bissel steam mop, a dozen fresh eggs from a coworker's chickens, and a Kohl's gift card!) and it was the kind that costs more than $5. the kind that comes from France. and it is so delicious, i almost can't bear it. but it compliments the cheesy-poufs perfectly, so i drank it. most of it.

i have to interrupt, and say that i just realized that there was cat poop on a blanket over the back of the chair i was sitting in. wow. thanks, Mary Cherry. sorry that taking care of you and loving you for a decade isn't enough to keep you from crapping all over my life.

you see, i got engaged about a year ago, give or take a few months. and ever since i learned how, i have loved champagne and enjoyed it frequently. given that champagne is a symbol of a wedding and a celebration, i enjoyed champagne even more frequently as i anticipated my nuptials. so much so that i had to go on a champagne diet, and lay off the bottle of champagne i had taken to drinking every evening after work. since the wedding is now over, i feel that i can enjoy as much champagne as i want, since my husband has "bought the cow", as they say, and my champagne weight won't scare him off.

the point is, cheesy-poufs and paul laurent champagne (paid for by someone else) is the perfect meal to end a not as perfect work day. and it reminds me that life can be fixed by just a little cheesy, bubbly treat, and it's not so bad after all.