Sunday, July 3, 2011


I am sitting on my yoga mat, fake- stretching my hammies. And drinking champagne.

It's too hot to not drink champagne. And too hot to have tight hammies.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cyst and Deceased.

I love when people pronounce things incorrectly. Especially on television.

I love when Tamra says "cyst and deceased" instead of cease and desist.

I love when Danielle Staub from NJ says "woman" instead of women.

I love that Kelly Bensimon thinks there's a huge difference between a professional cook and a chef.
I don't even want to begin talking about satchels of gold.

I wish there was more unscripted television!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Just another Friday night

I went to dinner with my dear husband and his friend that is in town. I ate such delicious vietnamese noodles and I had a beer that cost nearly as much as the meal. I appreciate those kind of priorities.

I am watching TLC's Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss. I must note, that I would NEVER sign up for a TV show under such a name. Maybe Big Love, as my Jenny suggested... but not Big Bliss.
This show makes me want to put on my own wedding gown. It probs won't zip. But it has soooo many ruffles... I love it. I love how it reminds me of the moment that I walked down the aisle toward a future with the love of my life...He is the best.

SPEAKING of the best... there is a new kitty across the hall. Maestro, a handsome tabby who guards the hall and patio, has a new baby sister. She is about a year old, a coon tail or something. Anyway, she is tiny, fluffy, light grey with white footsies. Yes, kittens have footsies, not feet. I die. She let me hold her without a problem. I think we are soulmates.

So that's my Friday - Say Yes BB, kittens, noodles, and pinot grigio (I feel like Ramona Singer)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God Bless the Real Housewives of Orange County

Just a few words on those crazy "real" housewives...

Disclaimer: I am a fan. A huge, obsessive, seen every episode, know way too much about these people's lives fan. And I do not apologize for that.

The Real Housewives of Orange County:
The original, in stark contrast to the nonsensical primetime nonsense drama Desperate Housewives (which no one watches anymore, BTW), stars some of the most delightfully botoxed, surgically enhanced, delusional women in the world.
And yet, I adore them. Vicki loves her job. Even though her job is selling insurance and obviously that job sucks. I admire that she loves her job. And that she's usually drunk. She has recently been through a traumatic divorce.
Tamra has recently been through a traumatic divorce, but still has a tasty dish of a boyfriend who takes her on trips to spain. And she bones him in a bathtub. On film. Which is awkward. But more power to ya, sister. Her ex=husband threw a dog leash at her.
Alexis is a good Christian woman who lets her husband walk all over her while she designs hideous dresses made of the same stuff they make bathing suits out of. She doesn't believe in traumatic divorce (I'm sure she knows it exists... she just doesn't want to have one). She also talks to a therapist at length about how she doesn't believe in it and has to work really hard to not traumatically divorce her husband.
Peggy is new. I don't get her. But her husband is young and she made her babies model. She recently has been through a traumatic bout of post-partum depression.
Gretchen designs handbags and tells her boyfriend Slade that he is fat. And that she can't marry him because he has issues with his child support (the issue being that he can't pay it). She has recently been through a traumatic engagement to an octogenarian who died. Did I mention she is dating Slade Smiley? And that is his real name?

Bravo TV has made my life better. I just really love it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm basically a farmer.

I mean, I'm no Novella Carpenter, but I have a very successful crop of heirloom tomatoes that have grown quite happily (and deliciously) on my kitchen counter.

I'm more than a little impressed at my green thumbed-ness by growing tomatoes in the less-than-ideal tomato climate of the San Francisco Bay, but INSIDE, no less!
And yes, that is a spatula and a hairclip holding them up. I never bought any supports. I guess I didn't think they would really grow. BUT THEY DID.

I served some tomatoes with a salad for some lucky dinner guests last night.

I mean, have you ever seen a more adorable tomato?

I know I haven't.

Farm City: A Book Report

I went to the SF Public Library on Saturday, intent on finding a book I would actually finish reading. I struck literary gold when I found Novella Carpenter's Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer.  I quite literally haven't put it down. I stayed up until 11 PM reading last night.


Side note, it's harder to fall asleep when you're all hopped up on the idea of beekeeping and not a bit tipsy on the vino.

ANYWAY, this story recounts the adventures in gardening and raising meat animals by my new hero, Novella. She has a garden, chickens, bees, turkeys, geese, ducks, rabbits and a pig. And she EATS IT ALL. Did I mention she lived in the hood in Oakland while she did all of this?? I mean, she lived next to a vacant lot and she made her community garden there. So I will basically never get to be as awesome as she is.

But a girl can dream.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Under Thirty, Undercaffeinated.

A sad, sad thing happened to me recently.

I went to the doctor regarding some digestion-related  issues. I have been lactose intolerant for about 7 years, which in itself is TOTALLY tragic, because I love cheese, ice cream, milk and anything made with those items. But as of late, even if I didn't eat those things... there were issues.

And so I went to the doctor. She politely told me to stop drinking caffeine and carbonated beverages.

MAY I just state for the record that my top five favorite things to drink are, in no particular order:
-dr. pepper
-pumpkin spice lattes
-wine (ok, that was 6, but wine should be on this list!!!)

I absolutely AM NOT willing to give up champagne (or if I'm tring to lose a few lbs, vodka soda, which is similar is bubblyness, but less caloric) so I decided that the others (not beer, of course) had to go. No more soda, no more coffee.

Now I drink tea.

Tea is such a stupid drink. I don't even want to put anything in it. It doesn't deserve cream or sugar.

It's just a little bag of sadness that I pour hot water on so that I can have a bit of caffeine without the tummy troubles. I like the idea of tea. I like the concept of taking time in the afternoon to enjoy a warm drink and a sandwich without crusts, perhaps a scone... but it just isn't coffee.

It will never be coffee. The question now becomes... is this still living, without coffee? Am I still me?

Friday, June 17, 2011

I got inspired.

That's another way to say that I was looking at blogs, listening and podcasts, and talking to my tiny friend Erin and I decided I should blog more.

That is NOT another way to say I have more helpful/interesting/witty things to say. It just means I need to say stuff.

My mom and I had a magical 3 day mini-break together. Let me back up. Mom and Dad came to visit on Friday through Sunday, then Dad when to work on Monday and Momzo and I had 3 blissful days of relaxing, eating, drinking, cooking, shopping, and fun.

Let me back up even more. In October 2010, my mommy was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was super gnarly. She is the cornerstone of our family. She is the rock. And the glue. And the one with the answers. And the one with medical knowledge. Now, 8 months later (this is obvi the abridged version) she is post-stem cell transplant, done with chemo and that business, and she continues to take time off work on disability. It's such an incredible blessing to know she will be around a long time. And for the record, cancer is still officially lame. Fuck cancer.

She blogs. I bet I am doing this now because I am slowly becoming my mother. Which is strange/awesome/something I can't think about too much.

Anyway, we had a blasty blast. We ate at DOSA, Chez Maman, Sunflower, Hazel's Kitchen, Grub, someplace at Fisherman's Wharf, Pera, and I'm sure somewhere else. We went to the Berkeley Bowl and then cooked our boys a delicious dinner of Engagement Chicken, roasted tomato soup, and garlic mashed potatoes. We also purchased supplies for some sewing projects I have coming up.

Anyway, are you familiar with Joy the Baker, and the Joy the Baker Podcast? She and Tracy, the cohost, are a delight. and I secretly wish I was as funny as them.

I also wish I had made Engagement Chicken for my husband before he proposed. Because I bet it would work. He mentioned the chicken to me this morning, and that is almost the same thing.

I love to cook. I like to cook for other people. I like to drink champagne while I cook. I like to eat. I like to eat the food I cook, with other people. I wish I liked to take photos of my food like Joy the Baker, but I do not. I like to eat it.

More on THAT later, internet.