Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farm City: A Book Report

I went to the SF Public Library on Saturday, intent on finding a book I would actually finish reading. I struck literary gold when I found Novella Carpenter's Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer.  I quite literally haven't put it down. I stayed up until 11 PM reading last night.


Side note, it's harder to fall asleep when you're all hopped up on the idea of beekeeping and not a bit tipsy on the vino.

ANYWAY, this story recounts the adventures in gardening and raising meat animals by my new hero, Novella. She has a garden, chickens, bees, turkeys, geese, ducks, rabbits and a pig. And she EATS IT ALL. Did I mention she lived in the hood in Oakland while she did all of this?? I mean, she lived next to a vacant lot and she made her community garden there. So I will basically never get to be as awesome as she is.

But a girl can dream.

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