Monday, June 20, 2011

Under Thirty, Undercaffeinated.

A sad, sad thing happened to me recently.

I went to the doctor regarding some digestion-related  issues. I have been lactose intolerant for about 7 years, which in itself is TOTALLY tragic, because I love cheese, ice cream, milk and anything made with those items. But as of late, even if I didn't eat those things... there were issues.

And so I went to the doctor. She politely told me to stop drinking caffeine and carbonated beverages.

MAY I just state for the record that my top five favorite things to drink are, in no particular order:
-dr. pepper
-pumpkin spice lattes
-wine (ok, that was 6, but wine should be on this list!!!)

I absolutely AM NOT willing to give up champagne (or if I'm tring to lose a few lbs, vodka soda, which is similar is bubblyness, but less caloric) so I decided that the others (not beer, of course) had to go. No more soda, no more coffee.

Now I drink tea.

Tea is such a stupid drink. I don't even want to put anything in it. It doesn't deserve cream or sugar.

It's just a little bag of sadness that I pour hot water on so that I can have a bit of caffeine without the tummy troubles. I like the idea of tea. I like the concept of taking time in the afternoon to enjoy a warm drink and a sandwich without crusts, perhaps a scone... but it just isn't coffee.

It will never be coffee. The question now becomes... is this still living, without coffee? Am I still me?

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