Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God Bless the Real Housewives of Orange County

Just a few words on those crazy "real" housewives...

Disclaimer: I am a fan. A huge, obsessive, seen every episode, know way too much about these people's lives fan. And I do not apologize for that.

The Real Housewives of Orange County:
The original, in stark contrast to the nonsensical primetime nonsense drama Desperate Housewives (which no one watches anymore, BTW), stars some of the most delightfully botoxed, surgically enhanced, delusional women in the world.
And yet, I adore them. Vicki loves her job. Even though her job is selling insurance and obviously that job sucks. I admire that she loves her job. And that she's usually drunk. She has recently been through a traumatic divorce.
Tamra has recently been through a traumatic divorce, but still has a tasty dish of a boyfriend who takes her on trips to spain. And she bones him in a bathtub. On film. Which is awkward. But more power to ya, sister. Her ex=husband threw a dog leash at her.
Alexis is a good Christian woman who lets her husband walk all over her while she designs hideous dresses made of the same stuff they make bathing suits out of. She doesn't believe in traumatic divorce (I'm sure she knows it exists... she just doesn't want to have one). She also talks to a therapist at length about how she doesn't believe in it and has to work really hard to not traumatically divorce her husband.
Peggy is new. I don't get her. But her husband is young and she made her babies model. She recently has been through a traumatic bout of post-partum depression.
Gretchen designs handbags and tells her boyfriend Slade that he is fat. And that she can't marry him because he has issues with his child support (the issue being that he can't pay it). She has recently been through a traumatic engagement to an octogenarian who died. Did I mention she is dating Slade Smiley? And that is his real name?

Bravo TV has made my life better. I just really love it.

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